Mid-Range Safaris

On Mid-range safaris, your accommodation options include Lodges and occasionally Tented Camps. The cost for staying in these places typically falls between U$D 100-235 per person per night, covering all your meals provided by the lodge.

Lodges offer comprehensive amenities with individual rooms or cottages, each featuring private bathrooms. Within the lodges, you’ll find well-appointed restaurants and lounges, and some even boast refreshing swimming pools. These lodges often showcase remarkable architectural designs, incorporating local materials and drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment.

Tented camps, on the other hand, are situated in prime wildlife viewing areas. Despite their canvas structure, these camps provide many of the comforts offered by lodges. They consist of spacious private tents built on sturdy bases, complete with comfortable beds and private bathrooms. The culinary experience in tented camps ensures high-quality meals are served. Tented camps have a more intimate ambiance compared to lodges, usually catering to a smaller number of guests, typically ranging from 12 to 20 visitors.